More US consumers prefer Windows Phone to Blackberries

imageA recent PriceGrabber survey found an overwhelming consumer preference for the iPhone. 

They note that 48% of users prefer the iOS operating system. 

However the survey also revealed other results.  Despite Android handsets outselling iPhones by almost double in USA, only 19% of users preferred the OS, suggesting other factors like price and availability led to the market share of the Google OS.

7% of consumers preferred Windows Phone, a number which will hopefully translate into market share, given that Windows Phones are price competitive with Android handsets and available on all US carriers.  Currently Windows phone 7 US market share is around 1% only.

Only 6% of user preferred Blackberries, a number which mirrors the current market share of the OS and which has been steadily falling.  The results suggests that, in terms of consumer preference, Windows Phone 7 is already the 3rd biggest smartphone OS in USA, and may soon overtake RIM in actual sales.

Read the full results of the survey at PRNewswire here.