Apex Legends, the latest instalment in the Titanfall universe, was released the other day. In the wake of its release, many fans were left wondering what happened to Titanfall 3.

While we can’t comment on that, because we don’t know what’s going on with that either, we can safely say that there is more Titanfall related content coming this year!

A tweet from Vince Zampella confirmed that not only are there ‘tons of things’ coming for Apex Legends, but ‘more Titanfall’ is due later in 2019.

If you’re out of the loop: Apex Legends is a bit of a departure from the traditional Titanfall formula, being a free-to-play battle royale game instead of a first-person shooter. It’s still set in the same universe, but it’s not Titanfall 3.

As we previously reported, Apex Legends will have microtransactions and lootboxes in order to sustain its free-to-play business model. However, Respawn have promised that these won’t be intrusive.

While we’re not one hundred percent sure what ‘more Titanfall’ actually is, Vince Zampella has confirmed that, at the least, it’s not a VR game.

This means that the promised future content could potentially be a mobile game or even a board game (although the latter is highly unlikely). All that we really know is that is probably isn’t Titanfall 3.

In the meantime, if you want to get your Titanfall fix, Apex Legends is available (for free!) on PCXbox One and PS4.

Source: Vince Zampella’s Twitter.