More specs of the Dual-SIM Nokia Lumia 635 leaks out


A screen shot of a dual-SIM version of the Nokia Lumia 630, which has earlier been revealed as the Nokia Lumia 635, has leaked out on China’s Baidu network.

The image, which appears to be from a certification service, clearly shows the dual phone and messaging apps, and is also accompanied by some sizing information, which shows the handset to be 66.7 mm x129.5 mm with a 4.5 inch screen, which makes the handset slightly smaller than the Nokia Lumia 920.

Unfortunately the information also reveals the handset has a 480×854 pixel screen, which scuppers any hope for a low-cost HD screened handset like some of Motorola’s latest devices. The handset will of course have virtual buttons, and from the image also appears to lack a camera button.

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