More renders of the Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 720 leak



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evLeaks have done it again, tweeting some more marketing renders for the Nokia Lumia 520 and 720, this time of the back of the devices.

Above is the Nokia Lumia 720, and it is of note that the three mysterious holes are still there, which I think now resemble speaker holes more than anything else

After the break find pictures of the back of the Nokia Lumia 520 also, which it has been noted does not appear to have a flash.


Those earlier leaked specs again:

The Lumia 720 will have 4.3 inch CBD, 1Ghz Dual-core, 512Mb RAM, 8GB storage, HSPA+, WP8, microSD, 6MP camera and 2MP front camera

The Lumia 520 will have 4 inch Super Sensitive screen, 1Ghz Dual-core, 512Mb RAM, 8GB storage, microSD, WP8, 5MP with no front camera.

Via the evleaks twitter account

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