Skydrive, MyPhone, Geo-tagging are go for Windows Phone 7

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After Dan Ardelean posted an unlocked emulator the guys over at XDA took a deep look into what really makes Windows Phone 7 series tick at this point in its development. So RustyGrom took some pictures which revealed a whole slew of info that are so potent that if it were drugs you would wake up 10 years in the future wondering “what the F** happened”…it’s like a gold mine in the emulator. Now without further ado, feast your eyes on some WP7 Series porn…I hope no one needs a change of pants after viewing these images.

Pic of the camera app and Office Sync:

It seems Microsoft has finally decide to incorporate Skydrive in their mobile offering by default. Skydrive gives you way more space for saving files at least 25GB. It is also rumoured to increase to 50GB of free online storage.

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Office mobile adds a little personalization, not sure if they’re going to expand on this a little farther, but we’ll have to wait and see. Also in settings we can see that Microsoft’s MyPhone service is in full swing in WP7 Series. When I get mine, this is the first thing I’m enabling in settings.

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Some more in settings. Also on the pivot it’s there application settings with most likely be kept in this central location. Voice control is clearly built into the system. Here is the accounts page, I guess Microsoft is saying “F U Google” because I don’t see a Gmail option here…well, I don’t use Gmail either, but I’m just saying.

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More settings shows us that OTA updates are a go for WP7 Series. The details page shows a myriad of info, one that is welcomed by me is the “Up Time”, I won’t have to check the registry anymore to see exactly how long my phone has been running.

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What is that I see? is that voice search in action? this is getting sweeter and sweeter.

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more on camera: Geo tagging is also enabled in the OS, not sure if there’s any additions that goes along with it. it’s not revolutionary, but it’s nice to see that it’s there.


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