More on Voice input text

We recently reported about the new voice prediction text input, well I have more images and information. This application just entered beta 2 and they are working hard to get it out to us soon. They sent us some more information to give to you guys, and we will do a review of it sometime this week or next week, so wait for that.

vp1.bmp: when app is launched

vp2.bmp: Spoke Greg Aronov and then typed letter "G"

vp3.bmp: Selected Greg Aronov

vp4.bmp: Selected Email for Greg Aronov (this is common compostion window for all types of messages…always listening indicated on top)

vp5.bmp: same as vp4.bmp except that the green listening toggles back and forth between listening and speak then type (a simple indicator to user)

vp6.bmp: Shows word "voicepredict" being predicted when user speaks it and taps the letter "v"

vp7.bmp: Shows symbol "?" being predicted when user speaks it and taps the symbols LSK

vp8.bmp: same as vp7, except users can speak emoticons and sms-lingo words

vp9.bmp: same as vp8, but shows that when mobile is tilted and the screen goes into landscape mode

vp10.bmp: A feature wherein users can update FB and Twitter status. This screen is launched when user presses "update status" which is the LSK shown in launch screen of vp1

vp11.bmp: A feature to reply to the latest sms (so users have most of the power of an Inbox but do not need to manage an entire inbox). This screen launched when user presses "Last sms" which is the RSK shown in launch screen of vp1.

vp11 vp1 vp2 vp3 vp4 vp5 vp6 vp7 vp8 vp9 vp10