More marketplace weirdness- Old versions of apps being pushed out as new updates


6, 2011

Author Surur // in News

Marketplace is sending some Apps back in time

It seems nothing is going right for Marketplace today. In addition to not being able to download applications due to Error c101b00b now developers are also reporting that old versions of their apps are being pushed out as new updates.

Developer Andrea was particularly alarmed, posting this message on MSDN.

App Rollback?!?!? Why? The Marketplace is distributing an old release!!!

Guys, this is crazy – the Marketplace is distributing 1.1 release of my app, even if on app hub I see 1.2 as certified and published!!!
The app:
The BIG problem is that 1.1 had a big visualization issue, and app is completely useless; I even don’t understand how the app passed certification (read here why if interested)
Now users are complaining with me, but I don’t know what to say.
Hints? Explanations?

Xin, who sent us the tip, was equally flummoxed, posting:

Today, I saw an older version of my app showed up on the marketplace as an update. My current version is 1.6 (submitted last night, waiting to be certified), and version shows up the marketplace is 1.4. v1.4 has some bugs i fixed in the later version. What’s going on?  It will make my app look really bad.

We do not know how wide-spread the problem is, but we suggest users hold off responding to upgrade prompts from Marketplace for at least a few days.

Thanks Xin for the tip.

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