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Biggest question I have is how is the speed of the processor. Especially when browsing the web with IE and Opera. How does it compare to the current 528mhz chips.

Web browsing is brilliant, processor is blazing fast. It does everything I’ve thrown at it so far, and I’ve stopped caring that there isn’t a task manager in the top of the home screen. Opera now loads faster enough that there really is no need for IE, though IE does do flash (albeit badly) – I’ve yet to try flash in Opera.

as much details as possible about the USB host please.

So far, I’ve got nothing on that.

I’m hesitating between a Touch Pro 2 and a HD2. I want to go for the HD2 but before I want to be sure about 2 topics not really developed on other reviews: The screen keyboard, is it good? practical? Can it replace a hardware keyboard? Is it fast?
And I’d like to know the quality of the Mic / Speaker. Touch Pro 2 had great review about this and his hand free capabilities. Is the HD2 as good?
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How it feels without stylus, on gui element that not yet skinned by touchflo.

Some of them can be a litte awkward, but in reality there not too bad. Using the pinch zoom feature does make things better though.

I’d like to know how the capacitive screen is to use on those ugly-old standard WM applications (Pressing the ‘X’ button, using scroll-bars, etc.

The scroll bars expand when you touch them which makes scrolling through long lists really easy.

Ditto on battery life – how long does it last with continuous web-browsing, video/audio playback, etc. 

Playing a WVGA film full screen on headphones at 50% brightness lasted a lot longer than the 2h30 film I was watching, at which point I fell asleep. That was with push email in the background over HSDPA… Probably not the best battery test, and I’ll try and do a proper one at a later date.

How much free RAM is there after bootup with no programs running?

The simple answer is “enough”. With Sense, you do lose around 50MB, but even so there’s more than 200MB free (and that’s with no optimisations at all).

And finally, is it possible to zoom using one hand only?

Some applications like Opera do zoom on a double tap. The pinch zooming is pretty hard with one hand as it’s a massive screen.

Hello, would like to know how Sense is compatible with "old" applications such as agenda fusion, applications which really close the program instead of putting them backwards (i use wktask, but can be others) or pocketbreeze (who show on today page next appointements tasks etc). Those old apps may be too old, but are must have for me to use WinMo efficiently, and could prevent me from buying this beautiful HD2. And, btw, is it possible to put shortcuts on the today page of Sense to most common apps or functions (all the above, shortcut for silent & vibrate, etc…) Thanks for the answer, and excuse my bad english.

Sense itself is pretty much just a today plugin. Its not incompatible as such, but for other today screen plugins, its Sense or something else, not both. You can disable Sense though, and the whole thing somehow seems even faster! You can put shortcuts to whatever you want, though silent and vibrate may need applets to work on the sense main page.

Thanks a lot for your answer. Sounds logical. But still wondering how it works in "real life". how about switching between 2 or 3 opened apps, view calls list during a call, how pocketbreeze could show all appointement on the start page/home screen if there is no more start page (but the sense page), if it is possible to put more than 9 shortcuts (9 blocks only are available, 3 of them always displayed), …. the whole impression i have is that the sense skin is not very upgradable, despite it’s beautiful. And i love to tweak and put shortcut everywhere on my WinMo 5. But maybe this is not the right place here for such questions, and once again, thanks a lot for the answer.

Switching between 2/3 open apps is as simple as either reopening them, or finding them in task manager. If you didn’t shut them, you can just minimise the front app and the one behind it will pop up again. Viewing call history in a call is Menu->Call history, and then you can filter it if you want. PocketBreeze wouldn’t be able to work with Sense for that. There are only 9 items by default, but I guess XDA-Devs will figure out a way to add more. With Sense, you can put shortcuts on the first page, and the WM6.5 start menu lets you move shortcuts around. You can also just disable Sense, and you’re back to stock WM6.5 which has the same today screen setup as WM5 for things like PocketBreeze.

How well you can see whats on screen when outside ? I have TyTN and I can’t see anything on screen outside.

Depends on what the weather is like. In too bright sunlight, there’s no chance, and not even the Omnias with the AMOLED screens are visible. Generally though, it’s perfectly usable. A good deal brighter than my Diamond or Prophet.

I’d be interested to know the quality of the external speaker in comparison to the diaomond. My diamond’s is shockingly poor and i rarely here my phone ringing anywhere even slightly noisy.

To my mind, it’s rather good. Plays music loudly, and I’ve yet to miss a call. And it’s got “Pocket Mode” that makes it ring louder if the proximity sensor is covered i.e. in a bag or pocket.

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