More Information On The Upcoming Windows 9 Technical Preview Leaked


18, 2014

Windows 9 Virtual Desktop New

Paul Thurrott today posted some tidbits on the upcoming Windows 9 version currently named Windows Technical Preview. Find the summary of the information he posted today below,

  • Current Windows 9 Technical Preview Build number is 9841
  • You already know everything about the upcoming Start Menu, but new information from Paul is that you can resize the Start Menu itself.
  • If you would prefer to the use old Start Screen, you can set it as well. Open Navigation properties (with Search) and then click the Start menu tab and select “Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen.” Click OK.
  • There is a new menu when you open modern apps in Windowed mode. This menu includes Charms bar options like Search, Share, Play, Print, Project, Settings, and Full Screen, the latter of which toggles the app between floating window and full-screen views.
  • Charms bar still works the same for touch interactions. Only when you use keyboard/mouse, the old Charms bar interaction model has gone.
  • You can also use Task view to position apps into snapped views. Just drag the app thumbnails to the correct positions onscreen.
  • Microsoft has now added a new Share button on the Share tab in File Explorer which allows you to share selected items using compatible Windows apps.

Read more in detail from the link below.

Source: WinSupersite

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