More Info From Nokia Earnings Conference Call



Author Pradeep // in News

Highlights from Nokia earnings conference call held today.

  • Nokia sold 4 million Lumia Windows Phone devices in Q2 2012.
  • Lumia 900 owners are more satisfied with their devices according to Nielsen.
  • Sales increasing as the availability of Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 Windows Phone devices are expanded across the globe.
  • Increase in developer interest on Windows Phone platform.
  • Windows 8 and other Microsoft platforms with unified Metro UI will act as a catalyst for Windows Phone device sales.
  • Microsoft is expected to spend big on marketing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
  • Windows 8 will create halo effect around Windows Phone devices.
  • Nokia will broaden price points of Lumia Windows Phone devices. Nokia will release both low end devices focused on volume and high end devices focused on margins.
  • New investments in location based services.
  • Nokia will deliver updates such as Windows Phone 7.8, Improved camera experience, etc, to existing Lumia devices.
  • Windows Phone 8 will affect current Lumia device sales. And since Windows Phone 8 announcement, Lumia device sales have been flat to up.
  • Launch of Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 is an important moment  in developing a 3rd ecosystem in the industry.
  • Nokia will take advantage of Navteq’s core assets.
  • 4 out of 5 car with navigation technology uses Nokia Navteq.
  • Yahoo, Flickr, Bing and more partners are coming on Nokia Location platform.
  • Facebook did social, Google did search, Nokia will do location.
  • Nokia is highly dependent on Microsoft for smart devices and likewise Microsoft is dependent on Nokia for location based platform. Relationship between two companies is very good.
  • NSN restructuring is paying off well.
  • With new Asha touch products, feature phone devices sales are expected to go up.
  • Overall, Nokia during its transitional period is trying to show its determination with financial and management restructuring along with focus on releasing products to increase shareholders value.

Source: Nokia