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25, 2010

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The still fairly new Hotmail has gotten a string of smaller updates. Some were planned, like push email, calendar, and contacts through Exchange ActiveSync, but others were the results of feedback received and acted on during the rollout: right-click in the Inbox is back (“view message source”), there’s an easier reply action in threaded conversations and a more visible signout for the integrate Messenger on the web. See Facebook page for more details.

In addition to those adjustments, starting today they are rolling out new features and are highlighting new partners:

  • Emails that include a package tracking number will now light up in Hotmail thanks to ActiveViews, which automatically recognize the number and display the real time shipping status above the email. Track packages now also fully supports FedEX, just like the US Postal Service. For DHL and UPS a link to the shipper’s website will be inside the mail instead of full shipping details.
  • Facebook chat will also available in Hotmail. Initially, this will be available in the US, UK, France, Brazil, Germany, and Russia, expanding to more regions over time.
  • Over the summer, Hotmail became the first service to let you to send hundreds of large photos per email, up to 10 GB of photos per email, by sharing them as a new photo album on SkyDrive. Today, this option is only available in the US, but with this release, it is rolling out worldwide.
  • Attachment size limit per email upped to 25MB.
  • You can also view Dailymotion and videos directly inside your email (in addition to Hulu and YouTube).
  • Creating folders inside folders made possible.

At first only a small percentage of the accounts will be update to ensure everything goes smoothly. Once the kinks are out, the features will be quickly rolled out to everyone. The whole process will take a few weeks.

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