More evidence of strong growth as Windows Phone web usage increase 40% in Q1 2013


The first of the month is always stats day, and as has become usual these last few months the news is starting to look pretty good.

NetMarketShare have posted their regular monthly numbers and it shows strong month on month Windows Phone growth, with Windows Phone growing from 1.24% to 1.5% of the installed base of smartphones between February and March 2013.

Quarter on Quarter the news is even better, with Windows Phone growing from 1.05% to 1.5% in 3 months, a growth of 43%. All else being equal this means there are 43% more Windows Phone users at the end of March than at the end of December, but of course that exclude factors such as the market itself growing, and Windows Phone selling well in places like India, Russia, Eastern Europe and South America which may not be well measured by Hitlinks.

Naively however this suggests around 10 million Windows Phones were sold in Q1 2013, but then we know by now not to get excited by such projections.

While Windows Phone is of course far from the dominance of iOS or Android, it is of note that Android only grew 1% in Q1 2013 and iOS 2% in the same period.


Windows Phone’s web usage has now also for the first time surpassed that of Blackberry’s.  While Blackberry fans like to boast about their ever dropping 76 million owners worldwide, it seems clear that Windows Phone users are much more active on the web.  This is of course not helped by a 13% drop in usage in Q1 2013 either.

As can be seen in the first graph, Windows Phone growth is looking up, and while it has not been as explosive as Android, slow and steady is looking to eventually win the race.

Note:  NetMarketshare meassures 160 million unique visitors each month via some  40,000 web sites.Their numbers reflect installed base ie how many phones are out there being used by owners to browse the web and have been sold are are still in use over the life time of the devices, hence the difference between their numbers and Kantar’s, which measures how many phones were sold over a 3 month period.

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