More bad HTC – Some HTC 7 Trophy screens of low quality



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It seems HTC can not win for losing. After rumours of severe shortages, and problems with slow storage, it now turns out the HTC 7 Trophy sports different, inferior screens on some of their handsets.

On the forum Spenky writes:

I have an HTC Trophy 7 (during release) removed. Super phone!

Well, my colleague since last Friday also n. 7 HTC Trophy received. At first nothing seemed wrong, but when I looked at his phone from an oblique viewing angle does make a difference I saw.

Spenky notes the settings of the display and colour were both identical on both handsets, with the backlight on manual and set to medium.

He reports that he spoke to PDAShop, who referred the case to HTC Repairs, who may or may not consider it significant enough for a swap.

See another picture after the break.

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It seems if you want a guarantee of great screen quality one would have to buy a Samsung Omnia 7. Have some of our readers notices their HTC 7 Trophy’s have inferior screens? Let us know below.

Thanks HA1 and Mark for the tip.

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