More are planning to buy Windows phone 7 handsets than Blackberries, 44% of users “very satisfied”


29, 2011

Author Surur // in News


Changewave have just released some numbers from their December 2010 quarterly survey, and for once the survey has some good news for Windows phone 7.

While the OS clearly has some more work to do winning over cellphone buyers, at just a month after its US release already more participants from the survey were planning to buy a Windows Phone 7 handset than Blackberries.  It is also the OS which is showing an increased interest, suggesting that the 4% increase in interest was taken from all of the other mobile operating systems equally.

Also good news is that 44% of Windows Phone 7 users are very satisfied with their handsets. This ads some more detail to Microsoft’s announcement earlier, which said 93% of owners were “satisfied or very satisfied”, and is pretty close to Android’s 58% number, despite not having cut and paste, WIFI tethering, 4G, 200,000 apps or any number of other features. With more updates coming soon to Windows Phone 7 these numbers can only improve.

This is also more than double the 18% of Windows Mobile users who are very satisfied, suggesting that now is as good a time as any to jump to Microsoft’s latest mobile OS.

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