Money Manager Pro for WP 7.8

home screen with front side of new tiles home screen with back side of new tiles

Money Manager Pro, is one of the most powerful and complete apps for personal finance management which lets you manage all your flows, accounts and cards. Now, the 7.8 version adds support for the 3 different live tiles dimensions.

During the development of this update we tried to optimize the info returned by each tile depending on pages they’re related to. For app pages which return synthetic info we limited the tile dimension to the smallest and the medium ones.

For app pages which return more info we allowed the wide tile dimension. The goal of this work is trying to concentrate the biggest amount of info to the lesser space.

In order to better enjoy the new tiles we would like to suggest you which tile dimension is preferable for each app feature.

Also a brief description of info returned by the new tiles is available.

Smallest tiles (for pages which do not return info):

  • add flow
  • documents
  • SkyDrive
  • banks

Smallest or medium tiles (for pages which return not frequently updated info):

  • cash: available amount of cash money
  • accounts: updated balance
  • pre paid cards: available credit

Medium or wide tiles (for pages which return frequently updated info and most interesting info):

  • debit cards: list of pending flow, total amount, alert for charged flows
  • credit cards: list of pending flow, total amount, alert for charged flows
  • reports: num of current month flows, list of last flows, total amount for expenses and incomes
  • schedules: alert for executed schedule, list of next schedules

People who already installed Money Manager Pro (and will receive just an update) have to wait for the first background live tiles update in order to have new tiles enabled.

Let’s now remember the app main features:

Wizard to simply insert your flows.
Detailed reports and charts:
current month balance
previous months reports
detailed month report
‘All flows’ report (total amount for both expenses and incomes, most frequent flows and most relevant items + charts) custom reports: you can filter flows by items, period, flow type (card/account/cash), expenses/incomes
By right/left rotating your phone you can visualize 2 different charts for each report. You can also save each report as a PDF file or as a Excel file
‘Cash’ page to manage your available cash money and visualize last cash flows. Possibility to manage your debit, credit and pre-paid cards.
Possibility to simply insert schedules for recursive flows by specifying the description, the amount, the start date, end date (if present), recurrence and flow type (card/account/cash)
You can save all your data on your SkyDrive as encrypted files, within ‘My Documents’ folder and restore them whenever you want. You can also set up a reminder for the backup with a custom recurrence.
Protect your data from being observed by someone else by using a password at app start up
Use live tiles to keep you up to date about your accounts and cards or access you preferred pages
The app contains 2 main activities (Home and Work) and, for each of them, several categories and items for common needs. Anyway you can customize them by adding new ones, removing useless ones and by changing relationships between them

Money Manager Pro can be found in Windows Phone Store for FREE as a trial or for $ 2.99