Moleskine’s smart writing system app now available for Windows devices

Moleskine is partnering with Microsoft to bring their ‘Smart Writing System’ app for Windows devices. Moleskine’s ‘Smart Writing Set’ consists of a specially designed notebook that works together with a smartpen and an app to instantly digitize notes and sketches made on paper.

It uses Ncoded technology that allows the special pen to recognize where it is in the Paper Tablet and capture each pen stroke as you capture your thoughts. Its companion app then transfers your freehand notes from page to screen in real time, allowing you to digitize text, edit, organize, share and bring your ideas to life. Moleskine’s companion app is already available for iOS and Android, but the new Windows version of this app is unique.

Through its partnership with Microsoft, Moleskin has included native Office integration. Users can covert their charts, notes and drawings into a Word document. If you are still not sold on taking notes using Surface or iPad Pros, you can consider this solution. But it is quite costly, the Smart Writing Set costs $199 and you have to spend $30 extra whenever you run out of paper.

via: Engadget