Modern Warfare removed from Russian PlayStation Store



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been removed from sale on the Russian PlayStation Store. 

The title’s removal from the Russian storefront was announced by the official Call of Duty Russian Twitter account.

The original tweet was, obviously, posted in Russian, but for those of you who speak Russian, we’ve put the original tweet below.

“? ?????? Modern Warfare – ????????? ??????????? ???????, ????????? ?????????, ????? ????????? ???????????? ???? ???????,” the tweet reads. “SIE ????? ?? ????????? ???? ? ?????????? PS Store. ?? ? ??????????? ???? ?????? ???? ? ???????? ???????? ??? ?? ? Xbox 25 ???????.”

Thankfully, for those of us who unfortunately don’t speak Russian, Eurogamer has translated the original tweet into English.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a fictional game that has been thoughtfully created to entertain fans and tell a compelling narrative,” the translated statement reads.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided not to sell Modern Warfare on the PlayStation Store in Russia at this time. We look forward to launching Modern Warfare digitally in Russia on 25 October on PC via and on console via Xbox.”

While the title may not have been pulled from sale by the hands of publisher Activision, there may be political reasoning behind Sony’s distancing.

Modern Warfare’s single player campaign does include numerous story beats depicting Russian soldiers as villains, as per Call of Duty tradition.

In MW 2019, you’ll be fighting Russian forces on a frequent basis. Set pieces even include a Russian bombing on a civilian village.

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