Mobile Xbox App will be completely remade for next-gen


9, 2020

The Xbox App for Android and iOS will be completely remade from the ground up as the console manufacturer transforms for their next-gen image. 

Much like the recently leaked Fluent Design recreation of the Xbox Store, the current version of the Xbox App will soon be scrapped in favour of a prettier, faster and more useful application for Xbox gamers.

According to sources close to Windows Central, the upcoming revised form of the Xbox App doesn’t currently have every feature available in its current incarnation, although this new version is currently in early development.

Mobile Xbox App
Source: Windows Central

As it stands, there’s evidence to suggest that the new version of the iOS and Android app will be lacking both Xbox Clubs and the Activity Feed. Windows Central notes that the current form of both the new Xbox app and Xbox Game Bar PC applications both lack these features.

Hopefully, Xbox isn’t thinking of removing Xbox Clubs as that is one of the console’s strongest features since Xbox Snap, although that was also unfortunately snapped away instead of improved upon. Clubs are a fantastic way to find a community for smaller games on console.

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