Mobile Security Alarm for Windows Phones

Mobile Security Alarm! Keeps other people’s hands of your phone with a loud and innovative security alarm and Panicbutton app.

Windows Security Alarm ThumbnailSecurity Alarm Features:

1. Panic Button – Super Loud Panic Alarm with the push of a button, perfect to stop that creepy guy from following you!
2. Security Code: Arm your security alarm with a 4 digit secret code.
3. Secure your phone – Perfect to stop those around you from picking up your phone. From a coworker, friend to a real thief! Stop them all!

How to use security alarm:

Option 1:

1. Enter Security Code
2. Click Arm button and place on surface within 5 seconds.
3. Alarm sounds when phone its picked up.

Option 2:Screenshot

1. Enter Security code.
2. Click on Arm.
3. Immediately Press power button before 5 second arming mode ends.
4. Alarm will sound when phone its turned ON.

You can get it in two flavors Free ad supported or at $1.99 with our ads.

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