Mobile FireFox making good progress, asking for help

Brad Lassey, from the Mobile Firefox team, has put up a blog post announcing major progress in porting their world-beating desktop browser to the Windows Mobile platform. In moving from the Minimo code base to the new Fennec code base, they have also optimized API calls away from older, deprecated versions, and have found not only that this work resulted in improved performance in Windows Mobile but also Windows XP/Vista due to the reduction in string conversions.

Further progress have been made on issues surrounding window management and file io, and currently xulrunner, normally a desktop run-time environment that provides the chrome for various applications like Firefox, Songbird and even Flickr Uploader, can launch various xul apps without crashing.

Brad however mentions that there are some known issues expected in the future such as font shaping that much be fixed. They have called for developers with specific knowledge in fonting (especially experience with harfbuzz), an interest in tuning performance or just a general interest in developing Firefox for Windows Mobile to join them in #mobile irc channel. The team has already had high profile recruits such as Brian Crowder, one of the architects of Firefox.

To remind readers what’s at stake, this preview of the UI of Mobile Firefox should inspire anyone with the capability to jump right in and help give birth to what promises to be a breakthrough product on the Windows Mobile platform.

Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

To read the more technical version visits Brad/s blog on

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