MO298793: Microsoft 365 users in North America are experiencing delays in accessing Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams

by Surur
November 17, 2021

Microsoft has posted an advisory confirming that some Microsoft 365 users are having delays in acting their services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams.

The issue appears to be mainly affecting users in North America.

Microsoft is currently investigating the issue and will provide an update shortly.

In their most recent update they said:

We’re analyzing system logs to identify the full scope of impact and to determine the next steps in the investigation.

Microsoft has now identified the issue and resolved the problem, writing:

Root cause: A recent Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) configuration change inadvertently caused an unexpectedly high influx of networking traffic to a subset of Azure infrastructure, causing congestion that led to delays for users accessing Microsoft 365 services.

Final status: We corrected the identified network configuration issue to restore traffic flow to healthy levels.

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