MixRadio updates with a farewell message for users


MixRadio just picked up a new update for Windows phone devices, alas, it’s the one update many users didn’t want to see.

After being pulled from app stores in the past month post the announcement of its impending demise, the service is now on its last legs. The new update doesn’t add any new features, nor does it fix any bugs, rather it informs users that the service is shutting down and warns them of appropriate actions to take. After 17 years of operation, the service formerly known as Ovi Music, then Nokia Music and now MixRadio is finally shutting down.

An email sent to users of the service also beats this point home. The firm informs users that “MixRadio is closing soon” and creates a final mix for users to enjoy, after which no more mixes will be uploaded to the service and existing mixes will soon be rendered inaccessible.

There is no time frame given  for the close of the service other than soon, however users who rely on MixRadio’s offline mixes will have up to 30 days after the last refresh to listen to the mix.

Mixradio rip

MixRadio may not have been a Windows service at the very end,  but it starred out as one. It was an app that was pre-installed on Windows phone devices from the start of Windows 8 phones and remained a pre-installed app up till the Lumia 540. It is quite unfortunate that Line chose to discard the company so unceremoniously less than a year after buying it, and our thoughts go out to the employees  affected by this.

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