MixRadio Announces Natively Built Recommendation Engine To Offer Personalized Radio Experience


5, 2014

MixRadio Standalone

Last year, MixRadio announced the new “Play Me” button that helps you get to personalized music even faster, and every user will now have their own music listening experience. Today, MixRadio announced that they have launched a new natively built recommendation engine, developed specifically to best deliver it’s one touch ‘Play Me’ personalized radio experience for a global audience. This new engine curates a greater breadth of music in a more highly personalized way than ever before. It takes advantage of billions of data points from millions of consumers around the world, and uses them to deliver a completely relevant and unique listening experience.

Jyrki Rosenberg, Head of MixRadio, comments “The challenge our development team have faced is curating overwhelming large catalogue of music, 34 million tracks, for a single listener in a way which is completely relevant and personal. Our promise to listeners is to provide their own personal radio station at the touch of a single button, and the new engine lets us truly deliver on that promise”.

The new engine has been in development and evolution since 2010, MixRadio has been moving listeners to the new recommendation engine over the past months, completing the shift today. Initial reports show the new engine is improving retention and engagement with the service.

“We have years of experience in interpreting the data this provides, we have deep understanding of our markets and can make data driven decisions and improvements quickly, constantly improving the experience for the listener”, said Melissa Price, Senior Product Manager from MixRadio. Enjoy the new music experience on the MixRadio app available in Windows Phone devices.

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