Mixer teases an announcement for Thursday

Mixer’s 1-year anniversary is coming up on May 24, and its teasing a big announcement set for the same day.

It’s anyone’s bet as to what this may be. A special 2-hour stream will be taking place on Thursday at 12PM PT/3PM ET. This is where we’ll likely hear more about this surprise announcement. We might be setting ourselves up for disappointment, but hopefully Mixer delivers on the promise of it being “pretty awesome.”

Three months ago it was discovered that Microsoft had trademarked a service called Mixplay, which based on its category, was speculated to be some type of video editing software. Nothing has materialized yet, so there’s a possibility we could be hearing some official news about it soon.

What do you think Mixer will announce? Would you like to see other new features or would you be satisfied with Mixplay? Let us know in the comments.