While it is hilarious to see the Mixer streamer Ninja fail to cut bread or get livid at the notion of someone saying “it’s just a game”, the Fortnite player has done well this week after sending money to a fellow gamer who unfortunately lost his job to coronavirus.

The act of kindness occurred during one of the streamer’s recent matches of Riot Games’ Valorant where a fellow gamer was killed from a noticeably audible flanking manoeuvre.

“How did you not hear that guy pushing behind you at the end?” Ninja asked his teammate. “He was 100% trying to get that line of sight on you.”

“He says he’s been needing a new headset for weeks now,” the player’s friend said.

“Yeah, I’m poor bro,” the player responded. “I can’t work because my work got cancelled because of the whole coronavirus thing.”

Ninja told the player to send him details so that he could gift him some cash to buy whatever he needed. While Ninja was reportedly paid many, many millions to move from Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer, it’s lovely to see people performing small acts of kindness amid such terrible times.

Source: The Loudout