Mixer has announced a whole new host of updates to its streaming platform, including adding more Embers in bundles, new badges for certain streamers, and a new built-in auto-hosting feature.

Console and web streamers and viewers will find that they can now purchase more Embers, Mixer’s virtual currency, in bundles. These new offers will be rolling out on mobile later this week.

Embers must be purchased with real-world money and can be spent on premium Mixer Skills, including animated stickers and full-screen effects. You can also do things like adding a custom message that will stand out in a streamer’s chat, ensuring all eyes are on you. Viewers can also donate Embers directly to Mixer Partners.

Partners and Verified Channels will also be receiving new and distinct channel badges on the web. These new badges should be appearing across other platforms soon.

Last, but not least, is the new auto-hosting feature. This feature is being rolled out slowly, with Partners receiving it first and then the rest of the Community, but you should start to see a native auto-host option appearing in your chats.

Auto-hosting is still in its testing stage so, if you’re lucky enough to try it out, just be aware that it may be buggy or not work as expected in places.

For more Mixer updates, you can follow the official Mixer Twitter account. In related Mixer news, Xbox Insiders will also notice new Mixer features in the #2002 Xbox Insider update.

Viewers can now switch their chat mode to Classic chat, which displays the Mixer chat next to the stream video. You can also now manually toggle the video resolution and browser streamer profiles from your comfort of your Xbox One.