MIX 11 demo device the HTC Mazaa


25, 2011

Author Surur // in News, Rumour


Nanapho.jp reports that, according to a Microsoft rep at a meet up in Japan, the device being used in the MIX 11 demoes was not in fact the HTC 7 Trophy but really the HTC Mazaa.

The HTC Mazaa is, according to an XDA-Developers leak, a CDMA device heading for Sprint.  Likely the same device is only waiting to show up on Verizon, but that has obviously been a long time coming.

The revelation does raise an intriguing question – what if the CDMA device is in fact subtly different from the HTC 7 Trophy, for example being equipped with a gyroscope.  Would that make the wait worthwhile for our CDMA readers?

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