Mircosoft Opens Up New Dev Center For Windows 10 App Submissions With New Features


Starting July 29th, Microsoft has started accepting Windows 10 apps for Windows Store. Apart from the new Windows 10 SDK and developer tools, Microsoft has also revamped the Dev Center to make the App submission process easier for developers. Apps in Dev Center can have multiple packages targeting different operating systems, so developers can just update their  existing app by adding Windows 10 packages. They can also continue to publish packages targeting previous operating systems (Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1).

What’s new:

  • App submissions
    • New submit Windows 10 app packages
    • Update manage app packages and package numbering
    • Update App & Games category list expanded
    • New mark your app eligible for distribution to organizations for volume purchasing (distribution available at a later date)
  • Simplify development
    • New beta testing
    • New hardware and software analysis section
    • Update policy requiring apps to manage location permissions
  • Improve app marketing and promotion
    • New promotional codes to market, test and support your apps
    • New campaign tracking
    • New app and IAP discounts
    • New Affiliate program for Windows Store
    • Update promotional artwork

Read more about it here and here.