Mio’s new Windows Mobile concept device

It’s not a phone! It’s not Sony’s not-a-netbook-but-ultraportable Vaio P. It’s a Mio concept, revealed at CES yesterday. What does it do you ask. Well, almost everything your Windows Mobile phone can, on a WVGA 7-inch screen and a netbook sized full keyboard. It packs a couple of USB ports, SD Card slot, audio In\Out, a trackball, an 8 hours strong non-removable battery and Wi-Fi. Giving the nature of Mio’s products GPS support can be expected as well. Mio was kind enough, to also include a skinned version of Windows Mobile to enhance user experience.

Since the device is still a concept, no other specifications have been revealed, but according to engadget, we can wait for a mid 2009 release. Click here to for the Engadget’s hands on with the Mio concept and notice the Reset hole on the back.