Minehacker: One of the best Minesweeper games?

Microsoft’s operating systems wouldn’t be Windows without some minefields to sweep. But Microsoft didn’t make Minesweeper for Windows Phone 7! Not to worry, an independent developer picked up the slack.

Overall Score: 5/5Minehacker

The classic Minesweeper game is perfectly replicated with fabulous controls and great visuals. In addition to that, Minehacker adds a satisfying competitive element to the game with local and online leaderboards.

Gameplay: 5/5

Playing minesweeper on a mobile phone has never been easier. Thanks to this game’s control scheme, you can play basically the entire game with single touches, without even switching from flag to dig mode. And just like the minesweeper game in Windows 7, you can tap the empty number squares to uncover the surrounding squares if you already have the number of flags satisfied. You can change the size of the squares in case you have larger fingers, and you can easily pan around the minefield to navigate larger maps. There are three different difficulties you can choose from, and you can even manually change the grid size and mine number variables. And the game will also track your high scores and submit them to the online leaderboards, featuring daily, weekly, and all-time high scores. Overall, it’s tons of fun to play!

Presentation: 4/5

Since this is minesweeper, there aren’t any sound effects or music, which is fine. The visuals are basic, but the simple animations of squares flipping over to reveal their numbers adds a great visual touch. The load speeds and resume speeds are super speedy and perfect. The only things that slightly hurts the visuals are the barely jerky panning (it’s usually pretty smooth) and the fact that you occasionally can’t tell where the edge of the minefield is, since there aren’t any gradients that tell you there is more to the minefield.

Lasting Value: 5/5

Minehacker brings all of the possible lasting value out of minesweeper and makes it fun to play. With the three different difficulties and custom grid size settings, you can play minesweeper for awhile. Then, there’s the local and online leaderboards for you to compete in. The daily and weekly high scores give you some motivation to work your way up the scores, and the all-time scores provide an excellent challenge to beat.

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Title: Minehacker
Price: FREE
Publisher: Julenka

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