Minecraft Earth update R13 is now out for all eligible Minecraft Earth players and with it comes plenty of new boosts, new mobs, and bug fixes.

12 new and different Boosts have been added to the game which can be either purchased from the in-game store or activated by scanning a special Minecraft Earth NFC-enabled figure.

These special figures are called Boost Minis and can be used with any compatible NFC reader in order to unlock in-game perks in Minecraft Earth. They’ll retail at $5 each and should be launched sometime in Spring 2020.

Each new Boost contains 3 levels that will increase the Boost’s power, duration, or both. You can find them listed below.

  • Increase Attack Damage
  • Increase Crafting Speed
  • Increase Max Health
  • Increase Mining Speed
  • Increase Player Defense
  • Increase Tappable Radius
  • Increase XP From Adventures
  • Increase XP From Collecting Mobs
  • Increased Health Gained from Eating
  • Keep Items in Backpack On Death
  • Keep items in Hotbar On Death
  • Smelting Speed Boost

Minecraft Earth players can now also dye sheep. Yes, you read that correctly – you can now dye sheep whatever colour you like, as long as that colour’s available in-game. Live fast and dye sheep, as they say.

As for the new mobs, the eerie Glow Squid and spooky Skeleton Wolf are now both live in-game. Sadly, you can’t dye them. Yet.

General bug fixes have also been implemented, including patching an exploit that allowed users to sign in to the same Minecraft Earth account on multiple devices, improved performance for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text, multiple crash bugs fixed in iOS and Android, and improved textures and graphics on for mobs in Bright Mode.

For more information, you can read the official Minecraft Earth R13 patch notes by following the link here. Happy gaming!