Minecraft Bedrock 1.2.2 update adds new Marketplace content and bug fixes

October 5, 2017

Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, also known as the unified Better Together version, has received a new update fixing various bugs in order to improve gameplay and stability. In addition to a full written changelog, this patch also received a quick overview video (via Tommaso Checchi).

The new Marketplace content includes four worlds, two adventure maps, and five skin packs. A few of the notable fixes mean that players will no longer have to deal with crashes that occurred due to joining servers, rendering text, loading new worlds, or switching to different profiles. A variety of other issues were fixed, ranging from ladders no longer rendering as invisible to Redstone dust and components now properly indicating whether they are active or not. This update is now available for all platforms.

The patch notes can be read here or you can watch the video below, courtesy of a developer at Mojang. If you are experiencing other problems or bugs, Mojang encourages players to leave feedback and report them.

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