Minecraft Battle mini-game arrives June 21st




The previously mentioned Battle mini-game for Minecraft: Console Edition arrives on June 21st. Battle mimics the popular fan-made Hunger Games mode on PC, and you can check out the trailer below.

As mentioned above, Battle mimics the Hunger Games mode that’s present on a lot of community run Minecraft servers. It supports up to eight players online, but four player split-screen’s also available.

The game starts off by spawning players in one of three different maps, each player facing towards chests with items they’ll need. As soon as players are given the green light to go, they’ll need to rush.

Each chest contains randomized items to help whoever finds them, and they’ll definitely give you an early advantage over other players. However, the chests will fill up again with new items as the game goes on, so not all is lost if you miss out on them.

While this is a free update and comes with three free maps, more maps will become available for $2.99 each. You can purchase Minecraft on the Xbox One store here.

Are you excited to play Minecraft’s Battle mini-game when it launches? Let us know in the comments below!

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