Millions of Zombies : a new action rpg available now for free!

Millions of Zombies trailer - Available now for Windows Phone


How long do you think you can survive?

The game features :

-Endless gameplay : waves of zombies will come at you for as long as you can stay alive!

-Literally millions of weapons to find ranging from a common sniper to a mythic shotgun. The rarity for items are : common, uncommon, rare, epic and mythic.

-Complex rpg stat system. Develop your character the way you want him by gaining levels and distributing points in the skills that matters to you.

-2 different game mode : Normal and Hardcore. In hardcore, your character only has 1 life.

-Access to a stash where you can share items between all your characters. Found a very powerful sniper but you don’t want to use snipers with your current character? No problem! Just stash it and you can use it with other characters.

-Extensive leaderboard system : compare yourself with other players.

-Beautiful and original art and animation, engaging soundtrack.

Find Millions of Zombies in Marketplace here.