Microsoft’s Your Phone app has been adding features at a breakneck pace, and for a few weeks now we have been hearing about a mysterious “Warm Up” feature coming to the app, after assets for the feature was discovered by Alumia.

Unfortunately, the Warmup feature turned out to be pretty disappointing, being merely an intro screen for the app to familiarise new users with its features.

Thankfully the team has been hard at work on other, more meaty features, which have already rolled out or are in the process of rolling out.

Those include the ability to delete pictures from your phone from your PC, a good-looking music remote feature, seeing your phone service status indicators synced to the app, syncing with multiple handsets , calling from messages, and a mysterious Apps feature which is likely related to the latest development.

Check out all the latest Your Phone developments here and download the app from the link below.

Price: Free

Via ALumia