Microsoft’s Xbox plans through 2015 leaks, reveals plans for cloud games delivery, 3D glasses



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An internal slide deck from MIcrosoft’s Xbox 360 division has leaked, revealing much of their plans for the next 3 years.

The deck reveals the launch date for the next console, Xbox 720, as 2013, costing $299 with a Kinect v2 sensor which is more accurate, with a closer and wider field of view, and Blu-ray support.

The new console will be 8 times more powerful than the current Xbox and like a set-top box will have an always-on mode, and will finally be quiet. Microsoft is also reserving the option to license out the design to other OEMs.

That is however only the start, with the console touted as the only set to box needed in the living room, able to record TV seamlessly in the background and deliver it to all kinds of screens in your environment.

Microsoft is however planning to eventually move to the cloud, and by 2015 expects to deliver all gaming via the network, meaning users will never need to buy another console again.


Microsoft however also envisions mobile gaming based on WIFI or Cell-enabled glasses code-named Fortaleza. The glasses seem to envision doing much the same as Google’s glasses also, with contextual applications and information on real-world objects.





The slide deck can be found here, if you are fast.

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