Microsoft’s Xbox Insider discussions will now live on Reddit

Microsoft is moving the Xbox Insider community away from the Xbox Preview forums to Reddit.

The announcement was made via a blog post on Microsoft’s official Xbox site.

Starting today, we’re moving the conversation over to Reddit. Please join us at, where we will continue our Insiders-helping-Insiders approach to community-building and listening. If you have questions, feedback or are curious about the Xbox Insider Program, this subreddit is the right place for you.

It will be moderated by the same XBox Insider Program staff who currently run the program, as well as members of the pre-existing r/xboxone community.

The current Xbox Insider preview forum will be closed in a matter of weeks, and Microsoft hopes to redirect all conversation to the new, more open forums.

It makes sense, Reddit is a place where a lot of geek chatter happens, and a thriving Xbox fan community already exists there. If anything, this is a move that’s coming later than it should have.

Via Microsoft.