Microsoft’s Xbox Game Streaming App is becoming a lot more PC friendly

March 1, 2021

With 1080p resolution, touch controls, and gyro support being introduced to the unreleased Windows app, the future of Microsoft’s cloud gaming is looking better than ever.

We might not have our own hands on the unreleased, and even unannounced app, that brings Xbox Game Streaming to PC. But thankfully The Verge does and has spilt the beans for us.

The app with work similarly to the Console Companion app, where you can remotely play games and access your Xbox console, albeit this time on PC.

The latest build reportedly includes full touch support, allowing Surface and monolithic touchscreen monitor users alike to play games without a pesky controller. Furthermore, gyro support has popped up in an options menu, although it’s functionality is suspect in the internal unreleased build.

With additional corroborating reports from Windows Central, Microsoft is reportedly testing 1080p quality streams for xCloud that should vastly improve experiences for Windows PC users upon release.

With the app yet to even be officially announced, there’s no word on the release date. With web browser versions of xCloud also in the works, we can only hope it’ll be soon.

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