Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality controllers pass through the Bluetooth SIG

As we edge towards the release of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality ecosystem of devices this holiday season the hardware which accompanies the system are hitting the certification authorities.

The latest is Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality controllers, which has just passed through the Bluetooth SIG.

The controllers identify as a Human Interface Device, and I think interestingly opens the controllers up for use with other platforms and devices.

Microsoft’s controllers are a reference design for other OEMs, and they will be releasing their own versions, which at this stage appears to be simply branded versions of Microsoft’s design.

The controllers use a combination of gyroscopes, accelerometers and LEDs which are read by the cameras in the headset. The LEDs provide precise tracking when in the field of view of the cameras on the headset, and Microsoft’s software platform uses the other sensors on the device to provide somewhat less precise tracking when out of the field of view, such as behind your back.

The certification can be seen here.