Microsoft’s Vision For The ‘Intelligent Car’ Of The Future Revealed

Microsoft today shared it vision for the future of computer technology involved in automotive industry. Microsoft called the “intelligent car” is a scenario in which telematics data can help improve both the driving experience and the design of the vehicle for the driver.

Read the below description of their vision,

It means a world in which the same information that is available to drivers today to improve fuel efficiency or vehicle maintenance – speed, braking, fuel consumption, tire pressure and environmental conditions – can be used by carmakers to evaluate day-to-day performance to improve design on next year’s model or even fine tune an engine “over the air” to improve fuel economy of the current model year. Carmakers will increasingly have the ability to provide iterative updates, much in the same way that computer software works today, that refresh the driving experience and extend compatibility to the latest consumer devices. (For example, with a Windows Embedded-based system, an unsuccessful pairing of a vehicle and a smartphone could be transmitted to Microsoft, and a solution downloaded to the car overnight.) That same data over time could be used to perform tasks on driver’s behalf, such as tuning in to a preferred radio station or rescheduling a meeting due to traffic delays. And carmakers’ “Promised Land” is being able to provide for drivers the ability to access information and services, such as an app on a smartphone or a music file on a tablet at home – from anywhere on the road.

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Source: Microsoft

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