Microsoft’s universal Windows Store app has a terrible UX issue


The Windows store has been criticised for several things in the past. It has had clone apps, pirated app, crappy apps, apps that haven’t been updated and a host of other issues, but the store app itself has been quite healthy.

In Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new universal Windows store, that incorporated a new design with an integrated storefront that sold not just apps, but games,movies and music. With that in mind, you would think that Microsoft would dedicate resources to ensuring that even if the store app lacks features, its core experience is pleasant and encourages browsing.

Not so in either Windows 10 or Windows 10  mobile. In a particularly baffling demonstration of incompetence, the store app team have made the store search feature completely unpleasant to use. Normally on search engines, app stores and the like, if you were to make use of the search feature to search for something, you would be given a long list of results – pagination optional (insert joke about Windows store here). Within this long list of results, if you were to for example, scroll down to the bottom of the page , pick one result and then back out, you should expect to be returned to the position you were at originally and not the results landing page.

Here’s what happens in the Windows 10 store.

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As you can see in the video above, no matter where you are in the store UI, once you press back you are immediately returned to the landing page for whatever reason. This inane behaviour repeats itself across Windows 10 mobile and extends to the movie and music stores as well. If the video doesn’t quite demonstrate how frustrating it is, it is the equivalent of Bing/Google returning you to the top of page one every single time. It makes the store useless for casual browsing and hurts content discovery as well. I reported this issue in the feedback app in June, come September and several store app updates later and Microsoft still hasn’t fixed it.

Say what you will about Apple copying Microsoft like a bunch of extortionist mimes, but they wouldn’t let a core aspect of their new OS languish for so long.