Microsoft’s Surface Blades Concept Has Unlimited Potential



During the second generation Surface launch event held last week, Microsoft announced the Surface Remix Project which showed how you could click in a specially designed Touch Cover that let you remix your favorite songs and share them with the world. Even though it is limited to music for now, it shows that productivity can go various other ways, not just click in keyboards. Microsoft realized that this concept has a great potential and they visited Art Center College of design to meet students for a three day workshop where students were asked to imagine different blades concepts. Microsoft refers the Cover you click in to Surface as blades. The Surface Remix Project has a music blade and there could be many other blades for various other purposes.

Now let me rewind the clock back a little over three weeks. As we thought about what else we could click in to a Surface, we thought it would be interesting to leave Redmond and get a different perspective. A small group of us – myself and a few folks from Surface – traveled to Pasadena California for a three-day design workshop with a group of design students at the Art Center College of design. The group of students we worked with were students from industrial design, graphic, interaction and information design. A diverse team, just like our team in Redmond. What happened there was super awesome.

Over the course of the three day workshop, the students came up with tons of concepts on how to extend interactions into the physical space. From art and music blades to science, fashion, commerce and incredible blue sky concepts like solar panel blades and context/location aware blades, these students, who barely slept over the three-day workshop, took the spark of an idea to places previously unimagined. They felt like a part of the design team. Their passion for their ideas was so inspiring that we decided to share this out with the world.

Microsoft is open to receive ideas from the public on blades,

Think about your workplace. Do you work in healthcare, manufacturing, do you work in a creative discipline, like art or design, or are you on the road with clients? What type of blades would help you do more? Think about your home life, entertainment, gaming, how your kids use tablets, how you use them in the kitchen, the living room, which apps you love. What type of blade would you want?

Source: Surface Blog

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