Microsoft’s Surface All in One is probably an enterprise PC


We have been seeing more and more hints that Microsoft will indeed release an All in One PC at their upcoming October event, and I think I speak for many when I say the move is somewhat puzzling, given that this form factor has never been very popular in the home market, compared to regular desktops and simple laptops.

Of course thinking of the consumer market is a rather outdated mindset these days when it comes to Microsoft, with the enterprise market being the main focus of the company’s products, from their Windows Phones to their cloud products.

Microsoft has been pushing Surface hard as an enterprise product, teaming up with IBM to sell the tablets into enterprise and launching the Surface as a Service Program and Surface Multi-National Purchasing Program in July this year.

The All In One market is a very small segment of the PC market, with only 12.6 million units being expected to be shipped this year, down from 14.6 million in 2013, compared to 144 million laptops. For the devices to be profitable Microsoft would have to price them higher than the consumer market can comfortably bear, much like the Surface Book at present.

The modular features the device is expected to exhibit are also more fitted to the enterprise market, where is adds configurability to a traditionally less flexible form factor, much like HP’s enterprise-focussed Elite Slice PC.

A future Microsoft Surface PC is  therefore much more likely to be targeted at the CEO (or receptionist)’s desk than your lounge or bedroom.

And frankly, does this look like it would fit well into your lounge décor?