Microsoft’s Q4 2016 Earnings: Windows OEM revenue increases

windows 10

Wondering why Microsoft isn’t extending that free Windows 10 offer for longer than July 29? The answer appears to be $$$ – a good enough reason where [publicly traded companies are concerned.

Microsoft released its Q4 2016 earnings results today, highlighting several key points about its business, including Lumia, Surface and its Windows performance,

For Windows, Microsoft noted that Windows OEM revenue grew 27% and 2% for Non-pro and Pro SKUs of Windows respectively.

Here’s the full statement below,

·         Windows OEM non-Pro revenue grew 27% (up 27% in constant currency), outpacing the consumer PC market, and Windows OEM Pro revenue grew 2% (up 2% in constant currency)

Windows revenue increased slightly, mainly due to higher revenue from Windows OEM, offset in part by lower revenue from patent licensing. Windows OEM revenue increased 11%. Windows OEM non-Pro revenue grew 27%, outperforming the consumer PC market, driven by a higher mix of premium licenses sold. Windows OEM Pro revenue grew 2%, reflecting a stabilizing commercial PC market and a higher mix of business PCs sold with Windows Pro. Patent licensing revenue decreased 21%, due to a decline in licensed units and license revenue per unit. Windows revenue included an unfavorable foreign currency impact of approximately 3%..

Microsoft’s free Windows 10 offer may have brought Windows 10 to more consumers, but it is ultimately the OEMs who help make Microsoft’s pockets happy with regards to Windows, and it seems the firm will be helping them every step of the way.