Microsoft’s Project Centennial bridge currently being tested by a “set of developers”


Back at Build 2015, Microsoft announced a couple of “developer bridges” for the Windows Store on Windows 10 devices. The company announced Project Islandwood (which allows iOS developers to port their app to Windows 10 pretty easily), Project Astoria (allows Android developers to bring their apps to the Windows Store, and it has been discontinued already), and Project Centennial (which allows developers of Win32 and .NET-based apps to bring their apps to the Windows Store). Today, ahead of Build 2016, Microsoft announced that the company is currently testing Project Centennial (aka Project C) with a set of developers.

Additionally, the company announced that it will release the early version of Project C soon, and they will expand the program to support a “broader range of developers”. Here is the full statement:

Project “Centennial” helps bring existing Win32 and .NET-based apps to the Windows Store and is in testing with a set of developers now. We’ll have an early iteration of the tools soon, and then we’ll expand the program and support a broader range of developers.

Project C is one of the most important Windows Developer bridges which has a lot of potential. For now, we don’t know how it works just yet. Hopefully though, the Bridge is easy to use for developers, and allow them to port their Win32 and .NET-based apps to the Windows Store without a lot of hassle.

If you are a Win32 or .NET developer, are you excited about Project C? Discuss in the comment section below.

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