In April Microsoft announced an upgrade for PowerShell on all the platforms.

The upgrade will bump PowerShell directly to version 7.  Microsoft says the scripting solution is increasingly popular on Linux, with the bulk of their growth on that platform.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that PowerShell 7 Preview 3 is now available. The main improvement is that all the preview features are now available by default, as Microsoft wants more feedback on whether to continue to develop them or if they are unpopular enough to drop. To monitor this the shell will come with telemetry (via Application Insights) enabled by default, though users can opt-out of this data collection. Microsoft will share the data gathered with the PowerShell community via its publicly available Power BI report page,

New in Preview 3 is:

  • Ability to run scriptblocks in parallel using the ForEach-Object –Parallelcmdlet.
  • A single apartment thread for Windows users by default.
  • Argument names displayed with COM API calls.
  • Null strings for database types become comparable as $null or [dnull].
  • Read-Host prompt no longer encumbered by certain characters in scripts.
  • A negative –Split operator capability for making right-to-left substrings.
  • Showing the bytes of the target executable application file with the Get-ChildItem cmdlet.

Microsoft expects PowerShell 7 to reach general availability by the end of the year when it will replace Windows PowerShell 5.1 and PowerShell Core 6.x.

Powershell 7 Preview 3 can be found at its GitHub page here.

Via Redmondmag