Microsoft’s Open Mind Studio is the “Visual Studio” for Machine Learning

Microsoft Open Mind Studio

Microsoft Executive Vice President of Applications and Services Qi Lu spoke at Stanford Scaled Machine Learning Conference earlier this month on Machine Learning @ Microsoft. His presentation is now available online and it has revealed information about Open Mind Studio, a “Visual Studio” like suite for Machine Learning. As per the slide, Open Mind Studio will support Microsoft’s own CNTK and various other deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Torch and more. Also, it will support variety of open source computation frameworks and optimized computation frameworks like SCOPE and ChaNa. Microsoft is yet to officially announce Open Mind Studio and they have refused to comment on it when ZDNet asked for more details.

Microsoft uses machine learning in various products like Office 365, Dynamic 365 (Biz SaaS), Skype, Bing, Cortana. They also offer Azure ML Tools & Services along with Intelligence Services to enable developers build machine learning apps and services.