Microsoft’s Official Response on AngryBirds issue

We first noticed AngryBirds icon on Microsoft’s Official Windows Phone site and posted about it. After sometime the makers of AngryBirds Rovio tweeted us that they are not committed to WP7 platform. Here is the official Microsoft’s spokesperson’s response regarding this matter. Also he admitted that it was by mistake the icon appeared on their site.

We are also working with many different developers who have expressed interest in capitalizing on the first mover advantage that comes from being among the first on Windows Phone 7. We’ve already shown apps and games like Twitter, Netflix, Travelocity, Open Table, Slacker radio, Bejeweled, The Sims 3, Crackdown 2 Project Sunburst and more. Still, we respect the fact that some developers wait for a platform to reach a critical mass of users before investing in an app. The right time to support a platform will vary by application and business model, but we’re confident that Windows Phone 7 represents a strong long term business opportunity that will continue to attract innovate apps and games

Here is the official response from Ville Heijari,VP Public Relations from Rovio

Microsoft used our IP without permission in their WP7 launch communication. It was a bit premature, as we have no agreement in place to publish Angry Birds on WP7. They have since apologized for their mistake, and removed our icon from their materials.

We’ve been very outspoken about our strategy of being on every relevant platform. We’re definitely looking into publishing the game on WP7, among other platforms

Hope AngryBirds soon appears on WP7 Marketplace.