Microsoft’s Next-generation Gesture Search Technology Coming To Mobile and PCs Soon

Microsoft Research recently shared information on next generation search technology enabled by gestures. Currently, search in both PCs and mobile are enabled by typing the keyword or speaking through voice recognition. But Microsoft research has been working on gesture based search where a user will be drawing some gestures on the screen based on which search results will appear.

A user draws two circles in the search window of a smartphone. In a moment, a bicycle and a bundle of apples appear on the screen, among other things with round shapes. This is Microsoft’s next-generation search technology called “gesture,” which enables automatic search of relevant information by drawing only; no word entry on a keyboard is necessary.

Google’s Android platform have somewhat  similar application but that allows you to search only the contacts list by drawing the alphabet on the screen. Its also good to hear that this project is in the phase of completion inside Microsoft Research.

“The technological development of gesture search is almost complete,” he explained. “We are discussing the specific timing of its commercialization, and it will soon be available on both mobile and PCs.”

Keep your fingers ready to search the web ! !

Source: Translated from the Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo Via: Microsoft Research

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