Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4 ad puts it against the iPad Pro

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Microsoft today released a new ad for the Surface Pro 4, putting it against Apple’s iPad Pro. The video, titled as “What’s a computer?” shows how Microsoft’s Surface devices do a lot more than the iPad Pro. In the video, we get to see Cortana chatting with Apple’s Siri in a party where she’s celebrating the iPad Pro’s new keyboard. Cortana firstly asks Siri if the iPad has a powerful CPU (but of course, it doesn’t), she then goes on to compare things like full desktop apps and the external ports on the iPad Pro. As you may know, the iPad Pro runs iOS which means it doesn’t run powerful desktop apps. And needless to say, it also doesn’t have a lot of ports when compared to the Surface Pro 4.

In case you don’t know, Microsoft’s latest ad is the company’s response to Apple’s new ad — which is also titled “What’s a computer?”

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Good one, Microsoft.